Saturday, May 28

Why do parents kill their children?

Reasons can be many – from poverty to a doubt of illegitimacy – but it is continuing unabatedly rather increasing with the passage of time

Is it a saturnine disposition? No! it is the most gross crime against humanity. No doubt, it is a tragedy of the highest order. It is the doings of the others for which the sufferers are the children. The deaths of those, who have not seen life in its fullest, cause stirs in the society. Poverty, yes it is one of the biggest problems faced by the people of the third world countries, but it never allows any one to kill the innocent souls.
It seems that a saturnine home guard is sitting and brooding, every now and then, he gets up and shoots an ‘innocent’ soul. Several others, echo their saturnine disposition, a gnawing sense that life itself – certainly their own – was a disaster waiting to happen.
Most of the people think that this is all due to poverty, but it cannot be justified under any circumstances and by any standards. If one cannot feed his children, he must leave them alone prior to doing whatsoever is his capacity.
Children are being used as a vengeance tool when one parent is trying to trouble the other. Even in certain cases, any one of them tortures children for the same reason.
While living in this society, you never know when will this happen the next day – may be in your own vicinity, may be in your own family, may be among your acquaintances or may be you indulging in this ignoble act.
The questions are: what are reasons behind this heinous crime? How can we stop them? How is it creating ripples in the society?


Teeth Maestro said...

interesting write very thought provoking ;)

sadly todays society is bound to get worse with time .... how to stop it ... is the million dollar question

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

You're absolutely right, but we need to do something about it before it becomes cancer.