Friday, July 8

Gastroenteritis because of contaminated water

E. Coli Protozoa were found in the blood and stool tests of the Diarrhoea patients from the Ravi Road area, said a health official.
"The health department did not arrange for the blood and stool tests. The public hospitals, where patients from the affected area were admitted, conducted these tests, and found E. Coli Protozoa in them. This is the same bacteria, which was found in the water samples," said the EDO-Health Dr. Hafiz Abdul Qayyum. "Earlier, 20 water samples were taken from various localities of the city. Out of which just three were found fit for the human consumption while the rest were contaminated," said the EDO-Health.
According to a doctor at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, tests on 12 patients from Kasurpura were conducted and it was found out that they were suffering from gastroenteritis because of the consumption of the contaminated water.

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