Saturday, October 15

Energetic men required for relief efforts

Young and energetic men, also mentally strong, are required to carry out relief efforts in the earthquake-affected areas, as they would be able to carry relief goods on foot to otherwise unapproachable parts, and I would be bearing all the expenses, said Naveed Ahmad, while talking to The Nation on Wednesday.
A private pilot and qualified tattoo designer, Naveed has been to the affected areas recently, and portrayed gruesome picture of the people, who have been left at the mercy of the nature again because there seem to be a fewer and far between relief efforts in the areas he visited. "Now we need energetic men, who can carry the luggage and walk long distances. As roads are not there in the Bagh vicinity, but narrow walking strips, it is these people who can carry out relief efforts. These men must be mentally strong, apart from being physically, because it needs a lot of courage to see many mutilated bodies around," he stated. Naveed has offered to bear all the expenses from his own pocket. "I just need workforce to reach the far-flung areas for rescue and relief efforts. My plan is to have about 100 young men for five teams consisting of 20 people each. I want to take essential medicines and relief goods to the areas. But the most important thing is the burial of the dead," he added. According to Naveed, there was a dire need of funeral shrouds as there was possibility of putrefaction of the bodies, which had actually sat in, and we need to bury the dead as soon as possible. For that matter, there was a need of plastic bags immediately for the burial of mutilated bodies.
He had taken a movie camera with him, "but while I was started shooting a footage, I heard someone asking for water. It immediately made to spurn my idea of making a movie, and I started giving water to people. Now there is a dire shortage of drinking water. One must be carrying water and baked grams with him to the affected areas," he said.
While talking about the deaths, Naveed said he had visited a school where he saw a large number of dead bodies of children. "They all seemed like angels lying over each other under the debris," he said. "It is a rarity to find 100 natives alive at one point," he added. Naveed has estimated above 50,000 deaths in the Bagh vicinity only. He had buried 12 dead with his own hands.
Naveed will arrange generators and cutters to recover the dead from the razed buildings.
Naveed Ahmad can be contacted at 0300-8480404.


smoke screen said...

No doubt energetic men are required for the relief efforts in the northern remote areas,but as its being said there is no way at all to access such n such areas coz of landsliding,dont you think that the hiking and mountaineering club should be contacted immediately as they myt provide the rescue teams with sum professional hikers who can at least just reach out to those areas and then bring back maximum possible information as to how many casualties should be expected and stuff and the hiking and mountaineering club can also put up their camps at the devastated sites and can guide n train the huge number of the volunteers who can do the rescue n relief work there.if not huge but at least some aid could be reached out to the affectees of such remote areas if we seek the guidance n help of the professional hikers n mountaineers.

Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

Yes! you are right.
Now there are more issues to be tackled which are of the grave nature. Now there is a dire need to save children, who are being abducted. Then there is a serious concern about the deteriorating law and order situation.
Definitely, we have lost a generation and it will take quite a long to rehabilitate people and restore peace in the area.
Pray and work, which are the best things to do at the present moment.

Anonymous said...

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Aamer Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary said...

Thanks! Will try to do that!
Hope you keep on visiting the website, and posting valuable suggestions

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Dalulla said...

I wish i can be there to help, only i'm in Egypt! But I am trying to do the least i can by posting about it.

I am praying for your people, and now i am praying for you to be able to find volunteers for what you want to do. I donated what i could, it was not much but i did what i could. I am praying though.. and will keep praying and donating whenever i can till the Pakistanis get back on their feet. GOD be with all the people who have been inflicted and God rest the souls of the dead.

My heart truely aches (and is acheing this minute) each time i see any news coverage. Each time is as if it were the first.

God bless you for what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

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