Saturday, October 15

More quake victims admitted to hospitals

More earthquake victims have been brought to various public and private hospitals on Friday, whereas the teaching institutes and hospitals, under the supervision of the Punjab Health Minister Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, have sent further medical aids to the affected areas
19 victims were admitted to the Mayo Hospital, while 11 injured, with neuro complications, were referred by the Ayub Medical Institute, Abbottabad, were admitted at the Lahore General Hospital. On the other hand, another six privately arrived patients were brought to the LGH. The Hijaz Hospital received a family of six as well.
Under the instructions of the Chief Minister Punjab, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, de-Montmorency Institute of Dental Sciences has despatched trucks of medicines and medical teams to the earthquake affected areas of Muzaffarabad and Bagh. The medicines and medical teams forwarded from the Institute by Dean Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafique Chattha, whereas trucks of medicines have been donated by teaching staff and students of the Institute.
The Health Minister Punjab Dr. Tahir Ali Javed is supervising all the arrangements and he has directed the administration of teaching hospitals of the Province to keep the sufficient stock of medicines and ensure the availability of doctors, Para-medical staff and ambulances round the clock.
The staff and students of Dental College/Hospital set-up a relief camp and collected medicines, tents, blankets, foodstuff, clothes and other relief goods and despatched them with two medical teams consisting 10 and 25 doctors and paramedical staff to Bagh and Muzaffarabad respectively. The staff and students of the Institute have also donated Rs three lacs to the President’s Relief Fund whereas the medical teams are providing treatment and operation facilities to the affected people in Bagh and Muzaffarabad areas
Staff of the Fatima Jinnah Medical College (FJMC) and the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), in view of the major national disaster of earthquake, which has caused a massive damage to the life and property, has decided to donate one-day salary to the President’s Relief Fund.
According to a news release, Principal FJMC Prof. Muhammad Akbar Chaudhry said the rescue teams, comprising doctors from the FJMC and SGRH, had established a surgical camp at the Army Workshop, Muzaffarabad, and 70 operations had been carried out in two days. "The teams are fully equipped with the surgical apparatus and necessary medicines. Every week, fresh teams will be sent to the AJK capital as the injured are coming to the camp in large numbers," he added.
The Hijaz Hospital has received six patients of the same family of Muzaffarabad. 35-year-old Muhammad Naseer, a schoolteacher, and his wife Naseem along with their four minor daughters were brought to the Hospital by a private ambulance on Friday morning. Naseer told that while he was marking attendance of the students in the school when the roof caved in. "At that time, 70 students were present in the school. Out of them 68 were rescued," he added. Naseer’s father died in the earthquake. He does not know anything about his property.

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