Saturday, October 15

Conflicts exist within MMA

Conflicts existed within the Muttahida Majlas-e-Amal, and I could not add diplomatic spins to this fact anymore, said President MMA and Ameer Jama’at-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed, while addressing a Press conference at Mansoorah on Wednesday.
Qazi categorically made it clear that the issue of Chief Minister NWFP Akram Durrani’s participation in the recent called meeting of the National Security Council would be discussed at the MMA meeting. "Decisions, which have been taken at the meetings, cannot be changed even in emergencies, and through telephonic communication. Decision of the MMA Supreme Council can be only revised in a meeting of the Council," he added. While talking about the money given to the NWFP, Qazi maintained that it was the right of the province, and nothing extraordinary had been done in this regard.
Qazi stated that Pakistan’s future was not safe as long as President General Pervez Musharraf was calling the shots, as the latter had come from America. While commenting on the NSC meeting in the context of earthquake, Qazi alleged that Musharraf had tried to make the NSC superior by by-passing the Parliament, Cabinet and Senate. "He is trying to drag the Council in every matter, which should have been handled otherwise. The opposition does not want to create any controversy at this critical stage, when the nation is facing one of the biggest crises, but facts cannot be concealed. Musharraf is working on his own agenda," he added. Qazi believed that some thing dubious would happen in transactions carried out by the NSC, as the army was manipulating things in its favour. "Donations should be spent in a transparent manner. The Finance Ministry or a committee should look after the utilisation of these funds, instead of the NSC," he maintained.
About the Indian aid, he said India was our neighbour, and it had been recognised by Pakistan. "However, this situation cannot be compared to that of Israel, which has been establish on Muslim’s land," he stated.
Qazi maintained that the army had lost its credibility. "The official spokesman of the Army was not certain about the number of deaths even in the evening of the unfortunate day. Thousands of Army Jawans had died, but he was saying that the death toll could rise to 1000 only," he said.
Qazi stressed on giving the right direction to the national spirit.
While talking about the JI relief efforts, he said his Jama’at had prepared two pronged strategy to help the quake victims. "One is Emergency Relief Plan and the other is Permanent Rehabilitation Plan. Both these plans have further double strategies – relief on emergency basis, and relief on permanent basis. Under the first head, debris will be removed to bury the decomposed bodies, which is a must to avoid spreading of epidemics. Secondly, shelters needs to be provided to the survivors," he said.
Qazi also revealed a plan for provision of medical treatment and complete care of orphans and helpless women. "We do not want that these people should be taken care by others, as we will be doing everything for them," he added.
Qazi Hussain Ahmed said in the absences of the roads, even pedestrian tracks, and telecommunication system, satellite communication was immediately required. "JI engineers have been asked to provide complete assistance for the restoration of the power supply. JI has no dearth of resources and is in a position to play an important role for rehabilitation," he added. While talking about the law and order situation, Qazi said the Mujahideen were fulfilling their responsibilities to maintain peace.
He also mentioned that central points for rehabilitation work had been established at important and adjoining cities of the affected areas.
Qazi accused the government for trying to black out the JI when the relief efforts were very important.

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