Saturday, October 15

Musharraf transgressing Allah’s commands

Instead of taking a lesson from the earthquake and correcting himself, Musharraf was openly transgressing against Allah’s commands, and under the guise of accepting aid, Musharraf was working to make it more acceptable for the people to have relationship with Israel, said official spokesman Hizb ut-Tahrir Naveed Butt, says a Press release issued on Friday.
According to the spokesman, the Chairman of the Jewish Congress in America expressed his extreme pleasure that Pakistan had accepted to receive aid from Israel, which clearly showed that there were hidden political objectives behind this aid. "If the Hindus and the Jews are so keen to provide humanitarian help, then they should first stop their oppression in Kashmir and Palestine. The Ummah is well-aware that those, who massacred Muslims in Gujrat, Sabra and Shateelah, can never be her well-wishers. We ask the government as to what kind of help India and Israel are prepared to provide which no other country can offer?" he added. "If Pakistan is in real need of troops, then the government should pullback its forces from Wana and western boarders and use them in relief work rather then forcing them to assume the role of American slaves. Even today on a single call from the government, Muslims are ready to provide monitory and physical help, as much as they can, but they are absolutely not willing tolerate humiliating charity from the enemies such as the Indians and the Israelis," said Naveed Butt.

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Dalulla said...

I cannot understand those leaders we all have! What will it take to wake them up? Do you think they will? Ever? Allaho al hady!