Wednesday, October 26

Indian attitude is anti-Muslim

Ameer Jama’at-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed said New Delhi’s ban on international aid for the earthquake victims in the Indian Held Kashmir had proved its anti-Muslim state polices, but the Muslim Ummah should not forget destitute Kashmiris at this point of time.
Qazi Hussain Ahmed, in a statement issued on Sunday, expressed grief and sorrow over the heavy losses of men and material in October 8 earthquake in the occupied Kashmir. "India repeats its claim on Kashmir as an integral part at the world forum, but its callous attitude towards the suffering Kashmiris has exposed the emptiness of its tall claims in this regard. New Delhi is punishing the Kashmiris for their sentimental attachment with Pakistan, which is also passing through the toughest time of its history," he added.
Qazi Hussain Ahmed appealed the nation not to forget the sufferings of their Kashmiri brethren. He asked people to give cash donations to the Al-Khidmat and nearby JI offices or relief camps so that it could be made available to the Kashmiri survivors of earthquake.
October 23, 2005

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