Wednesday, October 26

Musharraf’s relief committee failed on ground

Relief committee set up by General Pervez Musharraf did not give any relief to NWFP despite CM Akram Durrani attended the National Security Council meeting, which has endorsed the Muttahida Majlas-e-Amal’s assertion about the futility of the NSC, said Deputy Secretary General MMA MNA Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, while addressing a Press conference here at Jamia Rehmania Thursday.
Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said relief operation under the patronage of the army was a one-man show as the government was blocking the aid coming from abroad through the good offices of religious parties at the airports to portray as if it was the personality of president General Pervez Musharraf, who was attracting such massive aid as magnet.
Hafiz Hussain Ahmed appealed to the nation to seek collective forgiveness from the Almighty Allah on Friday so that the Muslim Ummah could be saved from His wrath in the coming days. He asked the President and the Prime Minister to join the prayers and sincerely take stock of their deeds along with the nation in this regard. He criticised President Musharraf for bypassing the AJK and NWFP governments in the wake of the devastating earthquake and the way he was handling the entire situation, in particular relief operation single-handedly. "This has turned the massive operation into one man show," he remarked. "Instead of making the parliament responsible for the relief operation," he said, "General Sahib constituted ministerial relief committee, which divided the nation and also plagued the sincerity and transparency of the process." He said the state ministers and other officials were taking up media teams along to survey and ascertain the extent of damages in the affected areas. "It is time to act not to make this calamity a media stunt," he maintained.
Earlier, Hafiz Ahmed offered Fateha for the late Maulana Shamsul Islam, uncle of Maulana Amjad, who died here after illness.
October 20, 2005

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