Wednesday, October 26

Don’t indulge in political exhibitionism

Relief efforts should not become political gatherings and exhibition, and the Pakistan Muslim League (N) was not looking for gaining political mileage through the relief efforts, said President PML (N) Mian Shahbaz Sharif in a telephonic address on Friday at the Party’s provincial secretariat.
Shahbaz Sharif appreciated the PML (N) for their earnest efforts in collecting relief goods and distributing them among the earthquake-affected. He also directed his party workers and leaders to help their brethren in distress earnestly and use all the possible means and ways "for the relief and rehabilitation of the quake victims. It is our duty to actualise the wishes our brothers (victims), who have all the rights to ask for help. This is a continuous process, and should be continued till the objective is achieved," he added. Shahbaz Sharif asked his partymen use their own vehicles to take the victims to hospitals. "Don’t throw the relief goods alongside roads, rather reach every doorstep and handover relief goods," he added.
Shahbaz Sharif maintained that such tragedies had far-reaching impacts on the nations. "I am certain that Pakistanis do have the courage and strength to cope up with this calamity. It has put an extra burden on all of us, and important decisions have to be made. History will not forgive those, who will indulge in any sort of negligence and laxity," he added.
Shahbaz Sharif maintained that giving positive response to the quake victims was the responsibility of all the political parties, and must pledge to the national solidarity. While referring to the next phase of the relief efforts, that is, rehabilitation, he maintained that the PML (N) workers must work towards that end as well. "You can call me any moment to apprise of the latest situation and seek guidance," he added. He also hinted at the idea of extending 50-bed hospital established in Muzaffarabad under the banner of Sharif Medical Complex.
In the morning, a caravan of 12 trucks loaded with relief goods, was despatched under the supervision of Secretary-General Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri. On the way from the major cities, more trucks would be joining the caravan. From Islamabad, the central leaders PML (N) would also join with more relief goods trucks, and proceed to the AJK capital today.
October 21, 2005

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