Wednesday, October 26

Zionists, Delhi exploiting calamity in their favour

Pakistan should not open the Line of Control on the pretext of relief operations for the earthquake victims because it might facilitate entry of the Indian spies and terrorists in the sensitive areas, said Secretary-General Jama’at-e-Islami Pakistan Syed Munawar Hassan, while delivering Jumma sermon here at Jamia Mansoorah.
Syed Hassan we should give consideration to, and adopt other available options to meet the crisis. "Pakistan is passing through the toughest time of its history, but New Delhi and Tel Aviv desire to benefit from our trouble, and India is ready to help us with crew-laden copters so that it can conduct surveillance of the sensitive area," he added.
Syed Munawar Hassan said there was more than one reason to doubt the Indian willingness to extend cooperation in the relief work. "If New Delhi is sincere to help the suffering humanity, then why it has banned international aid for the quake victims in the Indian Held Kashmir. This ban has exposed its oppressive measures against the humanity," he stated.
The JI leader criticised that the Pakistan government for being ready to allow the Jewish and Indian relief operations along the LoC, while the Jehadi organisations were not allowed to take part in the earthquake relief operation. "This has been banned at the behest of America," he added. "By allowing the free access across the LoC," he said, "Pakistan will open up new vistas of terrorism for scores of other Surbjeet Singhs."
Syed Hassan condemned the government for hiding the death toll figures. "Instead of the President’s Relief Fun," he demanded, "the prime minister should have taken the lead to kick off Prime Minister Fund as the chief executive because masses do not trust the president in uniform."
He lauded the role of the JI volunteers taking part in the relief operation despite all odds especially in the wake of every day tremors in the affected areas.
October 21, 2005

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