Saturday, October 15

One unit can make a huge difference

A family of four can make a huge difference, is a rarity observed in this part of the world, but this can be seen by the efforts made by Dr. Fauzia Ahmed, her son Ahsan Ali, young man doing his MBA from a local institute, her daughter Ammara Z. Ahmad, foreign qualified fashion designer, and Dr. Fauzia’s daughter-in-law Dr. Umber Shah. Dr. Shah was visibly a broken person because of 19 deaths of her immediate and distant relatives in Muzaffarabad.
This family has used their connections, both within and without the country, and people were coming and giving them donations constantly. "Poor people have been devastated by the earthquake. There is no family in the country, which has not been adversely affected, directly or indirectly, by this tragedy," stated the family, which was depressed by the news, but thought of doing something for the affectees instead of sitting in front of the television.
Till yesterday, they had commodities – rice, dry milk, water, juices, lentils, biscuits, dates, soaps, and clothing, blankets and funeral shrouds – enough to fill three trucks, which were sent to Muzaffarabad on Tuesday afternoon, to be distributed in the periphery of the destroyed city. "We have packed everything one uses in daily life, apart from waterproof tents. Our next batch will be of medicines. We are trying to save the alive, and we will continue for another six months considering the catastrophe," said Dr. Fauzia. She had to decline a huge quantity of flour because she thought she would not be able to manage it.
A lot of friends of Ahsan Ali and his family – Minahil, Khadija, Amina, Ahmed Ch, Ahmed Javed and Shaheryaar Malik – helped in packing the items, who belonged to well-off families, "but none of them was thinking of doing something below their standard of living. Such is the emotional state of this nation now," said Dr. Fauzia.

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