Saturday, October 15

Public hospitals provide further facilities and donations

Public hospitals have further improved upon their already allocated facilities of beds and medicines on Tuesday apart from donating heavily to the relief funds.
On behalf of the Academic Council, Principal King Edward Medical College Prof. Mumtaz Hassan has decided that one-day salary of all staff of the KEMC and allied hospitals (Mayo, Lady Aitchison and Lady Willingdon) would be deposited with the President’s Relief Fund established for the earthquake victims. He has also requested the doctors and other staff to submit maximum donations in the President’s Relief Fund.
On the instructions of Prof Mumtaz Hassan, 1,00 beds and medicines have been arranged at the Lady Willingdon Hospital. Moreover, apart from two trucks of medicines, edibles and utility things, a team of doctors, under the supervision of Medical Superintendent Syed Iqbal Hassan Kazmi, will leave for the affected areas today.
The faculty and the staff of the University of Health Sciences has decided to donate their one-day salary to the President’s Relief Fund for the earthquake victims.
On the instructions of the Commissioner Social Security Tahir Raza Naqvi, two trucks of medicine and two medical teams comprising 10 doctors, 14 dispensers, 20 paramedical staff and 2 ambulances have been sent to Muzaffarabad and Mansehra.
Provincial Minister for Social Welfare Saba Sadiq have directed all Medical Social Welfare Officers to keep their hospital on red alert, and make the availability of medicine and other staff certain.
The staff of the General Hospital Lahore and postgraduate Medical Institute has voluntarily announced to deposit their one-day salary with the President’s Relief Fund. The LGH has also allocated beds for the injured patients.
On the instructions of the provincial government, the Punjab Institute of Mental Health has spared 130 beds for the earthquake-affected patients to be shifted from Rawalpindi after their preliminary treatment.
Doctor communities and senior medics individually have reached the affected areas and quite a large number have started their journey to the earthquake-hit vicinities.
To help the injured children, Advisor to Chief Minister Dr. Faiza Asghar has established a centre at 5-Montgomery Road.

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