Saturday, October 15

Public hospitals join relief efforts

In order to provide prompt and quality health care services to the victims of earthquake and also ensure efficient arrangements during this national calamity, administrations of various teaching hospitals and institutes have taken a number of steps.
An emergency meeting of the College Academic Council King Edward Medical College was held under the chairmanship of Principal KEMC Prof. Mumtaz Hassan on Monday. All the professors attended the meeting, and condoled the deaths. Important decisions were made to provide first aid and proper treatment to the injured being brought to the Hospital.
Medical teams comprising general surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons would be sent to the affected areas immediately. A truck full of medicine and life saving drugs had already been sent on Sunday.
Medicines worth Rs 1 million have been arranged. 500 beds and five operation theatres, consisting of 17 operation tables, have been allocated and reserved for the victims. The Musafar Khana of the Hospital has been reserved for the attendants of the injured.
On the instructions of Health Minister Punjab, Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, the Services Hospital administration has reserved 400 beds for the injured of Saturday's earthquake. The hospital administration has arranged sufficient stocks of medicines, blood and other necessary items for the treatment of injured people, who are likely to be shifted here from earthquake hit areas.
The Medical Superintendent Dr. Riaz Chaudhry said ambulances and other required machinery could be put into operation round-the-clock to meet any emergency. He said the hospital administration has set up a camp in the hospital premises for blood donations, medicines and other necessary items to be used for the treatment of the injured.
A truck from the Jinnah Hospital, along with other two trucks from the Lahore General and Services hospitals, were despatched to AJK on Monday afternoon. A team of doctors, lead by qualified surgeon along with paramedics, were also accompanying. Four more trucks loaded with medicines, surgical equipment and infusions will be despatched to AJK this afternoon.
On the other hand, in the Jinnah Hospital, two hundred beds have been reserved for the emergency patients and in case of further need, one hundred more beds shall be made readily available, and all medicines, surgical etc will be provided free of cost to these patients besides all laboratory tests as well as radiological investigations (X-rays, Ultrasound, CT) shall be carried out on round the clock basis free of cost. Similarly provision of food is also made available to the patients and their attendants on free of cost basis. The attendants of these patients will be accommodated in the campus and they will also be provided bedding and toilet facility.
Chairman Board of Management Mehboob Iqbal AIMC/Jinnah Hospital allowed expenditure from Rs 20 Million of the Association’s funds for the treatment of earthquake hit patients, admitted in the Jinnah Hospital.
All operations theatres will remain open on round the clock basis. All heads of four surgical departments will work as ‘Key Clinician, in the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. The heads of allied surgical departments and others will provide necessary assistance as and when required.
The heads of anaesthesia departments along with her team will remain available on round the clock basis to perform their duties.
300 blood bags shall be made available in the Blood Bank of Jinnah Hospital and the staff and students of this institution will donate more blood as and when required, whereas contact numbers and addresses of prospective blood donors are available.
Two fully equipped ambulances along with staff are reserved for the transportation of these patients.
The arrangements have been made that consultants/senior doctors should receive the patients at the doorstep of A&E Department, carry out segregation of the patient according the severity and type of trauma/illness (Triage) for further management.
A schematic flow of casualties has been drawn for the expeditious and efficient delivery of patients to the operations theatres, ICUs, wards etc under the supervision of senior doctors, trained nurses and paramedics.
A simulated exercise right from reception of patients from the ambulance and ultimate treatment has been conducted by the Professors of Surgical Departments, Director Emergency, Medical Superintendent, Chief Nursing Superintendent and monitored and supervised by the undersigned this after noon.
In view of earthquake, the academic council of Fatima Jinnah Medical College has decided to set up a Relief Camp to help victims. In this connection, Relief Camp has been set up in Pathology Lecture Theatre No.2 in the FJMC, Lahore, which will be functional from 9 am to 5 pm daily.
All medical staff, nursing staff and students have been requested to donate generously.
On the other hand, it is likely that a large number of patients would be airlifted, who would be accommodated and treated at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
It is further requested that all teams should be geared up and all necessary arrangements made, i.e., for medicines, i.v. infusions, blood transfusion etc. should be available in the wards. Medical Superintendent, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital will coordinate for all these facilities/activities.
In view of major earth-quack leading to national disaster you are requested to kindly activate the disaster plan of the hospital immediately to meet this challenge and to provide medical care to the patients reporting to SGRI-1 for treatment.
It has also been requested to keep the teams ready to receive patients at the airport or other designated areas transported to Lahore. Teams should also be available to be dispatched with a short notice along with medicines and other necessary equipments to the areas of disaster.

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