Tuesday, November 15

Government should unveil deal with foreign forces

The government should reveal the deal under which NATO and US forces had been allowed to take part in the relief activities, said Secretary-General Jama’at-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan, while addressing a Press conference at a local hotel on Tuesday.
Munawar said these forces were working in the area as part of the quake-diplomacy, and entertained political ambitions. He questioned the change in the NATO policy, which had been revised. “No patriotic person would have invited these forces considering the fact that they have stationed in the most sensitive areas, which is undesirable. Considering the factor of the proximity, Pakistan is far from North Atlantic region. Hence they should be asked to leave immediately because we have enough of work force, comprising army Jawans and local population,” he said.
While criticising the US, Munawar maintained that America’s track record was bad as it already threatening Iran and Syria. “It is very unpopular move and equivalent to a red rag in the region. The government should tell the assignment, duration and kind of work these forces will carry out in the area, as their presence is a big challenge to the national solidarity,” he maintained.
While talking about any impending political activity, he told that consultations were going on among various political parties of the opposition. “Period of lull is over, and a decision will be taken during this month about a movement of mass contact. Earlier, during the Steering Committee’s meeting, it was decided that all opposition parties would work jointly for relief efforts,” he added.
Munawar stated that the Donors’ Conference would not make a noticeable difference and high expectation should not be attached to it. “Instead of such efforts, the nation should be taken into confidence, which had already made huge contribution worth billion of rupees. On the other hand, Prime Minister’s Relief Fund should be established instead of President’s Relief Fund, and the Parliament should be given due role in this regard,” he averred. Munawar wanted the utilisation of the foreign exchange reserves.
He criticised the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for attacking the JI workers. “MQM, which is a fascist outfit, is an ally of the government, and it should brought the culprits to book. Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain should immediately take notice of it,” he added.
While criticising the international community for its cold response despite the United Nations’ persistent requests, he maintained that the government did have the knowledge about the extent of damage caused by the earthquake. “Transparency International issued a report, which declared Pakistan as the 10th most corrupt country of the world. This created a negative impression that the donations will be embezzled, and the international community became sceptic. On the other hand, the Muslim countries were never helped to this extent in the times of crisis,” he maintained.

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