Tuesday, November 15

Islamabad patronising MQM terror in M'abad

Naib Ameer Jama’at-e-Islami Pakistan Liaqat Baloch has held the government responsible for patronising a Karachi-based linguistic group to spoil peaceful relief operation in the earthquake-hit areas under the banner of religious organization.
In a statement on Tuesday, the JI leader said Islamabad was systematically screwing religious organizations to suppress their marvellous relief operation, acclaimed by world media, for the good of quake victims. “Now they,” he said, “have used their linguistic allies to spoil the situation in Azad Kashmir. They are trying to create Karachi-like situation in Azad Kashmir by sponsoring crackdown and firing on JI relief workers. If MQM is committed to serve the humanity, then why the group is having recourse to terrorism. It is high time to serve the quake-hit people; therefore the MQM should refrain from playing the politics on dead bodies,” he added.

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