Tuesday, November 15

Provincial body to cope with calamities

The provincial government had decided to establish an autonomous body in the province to cope with the situation created by the natural calamities and disasters, and the body would have all the arrangements, like fire brigade, rescue service and civil defence, told Minister Health Punjab Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, while briefing the Canadian medical delegation on Monday.
The Minister said the provincial government had launched the Punjab Emergency Ambulance Service (PEAS / Rescue 1122) to provide efficient and effective Rescue and transportation to the victims of accidents, emergencies and disasters. “This was the Chief Minister’s initiative keeping in view the suffering of the helpless victims of disasters, accidents and emergencies, which were being neglected and mishandled due to lack of trained emergency services and medico-legal reasons in past,” he maintained. Dr. Tahir added that this was the first Emergency Service in the history of Pakistan established according to the International standards.
Dr. Tahir said the launching of the Punjab Emergency Ambulance Service (PEAS) at Lahore had proved very successful. “Hence the government has planned to expand it to Rawalpindi, Pagoda, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G. Khan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad Murree and Sialkot besides emergency care will be improved further at tehsil level whereas, a training academy for emergency medical staff will also be set up at Lahore,” he said.
The Health Minister said that the provincial cabinet had approved the Punjab Emergency Service Act-2005, aimed at establishing a special body to cope with emergencies created by the road accidents, building collapses, explosions, blazes and calamities and disasters. “The system, which the present government inherited, to cope with the incidents of fire, explosions and accidents etc., was almost worn out. Therefore, the government devised a phase-wise programme to protect the lives and property of the citizens,” he maintained.(November 14, 2005)

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