Tuesday, November 15

Rulers must stop Zameer Faroshi

The ‘fake’ rulers should pledge that they would not indulge in Zameer Faroshi (selling one’s conscience) at least a month or a few seconds in the whole year to save this nation from going to dogs, said founder and Chairman Aap Janab Sarkar Federation Nawab Dr. Amber Shahzada, while addressing the 14th All Pakistan Zameer Farosh Conference held at the Lahore Press Conference on Monday.
The list of top 20 Zameer Farosh contained names of twenty senior politicians and public figures. They were: Muhammad Akram Zaki, Haji Muhammad Haneef, Tariq Bashir Cheema, Mian Muhammad Azhar, Haji Imdad Hussain, Nazir Naji, Ahad Malik, Nayyar Murtaza Lone, Aftab Sherpao, Mian Manzoor Watoo, Rao Sikander Iqbal, Faisal Saleh Hayat, Dr. Sher Afghan, Mian Jaleel Sharqpuri, Syed Mushahid Hussain, Inbisat Khan and Khawaja Riaz Mahmood. Their awards were presented to ‘dummy’ recipients. The award was named as ‘Aina Award.’
Nawab Amber stated that the nominees called him on Sunday night and told him that they were too busy to come to the Conference, and they had sent their representatives. “The executive committee had a difficult job to select top 20 from a long list, and it had chosen the best among the lot,” he added.
The Nawab maintained that the Zameer Faroshi would continue till the universe lasts. “The middle class is producing the maximum number of Zameer Farosh, as it is the biggest chunk of the population. For them it is the major problem, and through this Conference, we want to solve their problem,” he said.
The Nawab maintained that the rulers should be indulging in Zameer Faroshi according to the need, which was acceptable. “But they are doing it according to their wish, which we do not accept. This is causing huge problems like that of ever-increasing corruption, hindering development, causing price hike, deteriorating educational standards and causing unemployment. Because of this, popular leadership has gone into exile, and one man is ruling the country,” he averred.
Amber stated that those who claim to be ‘Ba Zameer’, were actually ‘Zameer Farosh’. “We called ourselves as Zameer Faroosh, but we are not. Rulers lie seriously and we tell the truth jokingly. Annually, billions of rupees are spent on Zameer Faroshi while trillions are stored in the accounts of Zameer Farosh,” he maintained.
Television host Qandeel was the compere of the conference.(November 14, 2005)

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