Sunday, December 18

All survivors sustained burn injuries

All the survivors of the ill-fated bus sustained burn injuries, while three of them have more than 50 percent of their bodies burnt, who have been admitted at the Mayo Hospital and the Service Hospital on Sunday evening.
Three patients are critical because more than 50 percent of their bodies have been while quite a few were to be released yesterday night after giving initial treatment.
The Lahorites witnessed a tragic happening in the evening yesterday when a bus was burnt to ashes carrying baratis caught fire after the sack filled with firecrackers got ignited due to the negligence of the person alighting explosive firework.
All the admitted survivors have been under the strong influence of intoxicants.
Punjab Health Minister Dr. Tahir Ali Javed told that monetary compensation would be announced for the injured tomorrow according to the burn injuries. He also informed that there was possibility of discharging some of the patients with minor injuries after giving them treatment.
14 survivors have been brought to the Mayo Hospital. They are: Muhammad Kashif (27years) has received 64 percent injuries while Noor Allah (21) 15 percent, Arif Javed (34) 12 percent, Bilal Khan (12) 60 percent, Karam Elahi Shani (19) 35 percent, Muzamil Saleem (16) 45 percent, Abdul Malik (17) 50 percent, Muhammad Yusuf (50) 20 percent, Muhammad Hafeez (25) 15 percent, Qaisara Sultan (31) female 15 percent, Riaz-ud-Din (48) 7 percent, Aqib (8) 4 percent, Ayesha (9) 20 percent and Abdullah (20) 50 percent are admitted at the Mayo Hospital.
Out of these, two children Aqib and Ayesha, have been admitted to the Paeds Burn Unit.
While two patients were admitted. 17-year-old Hassan with 25 percent burn injuries and 15-year-old Waqar Ali has five percent burn injuries.
One of the injured Muzamil, who received injuries on his face and hands, said he saw firecrackers flying around. “We tried our best to get out the bus, but could not. However, after some time, the fire engulfed the vehicle. There was hue and cry all around, and every one was trying to save himself. I don’t know how I saved myself,” he said.
A survivor Ahmed Ali, whose hair of the head were burnt and was accompanying his brother Waqar Ali, told that it was because of the person alighting the firecrackers that the fire broke out. “He was trying to alight a firecracker while sitting in the running bus, which fell on the sack; thus igniting the rest of the firecrackers,” he added. According to him, the bus driver stopped the bus afterwards.
Outside the Mayo Hospital emergency, quite a few people were crying while a lady was wailing. Here relatives were trying to console here. A lot of people were crying outside the city Mortuary. They were unable to console themselves. However, the Services Hospital emergency was quiet as compared to the Mayo Hospital.
According a lady, bridegroom Zaheer’s cousin Samina, who was married just a week ago, was missing in the mishap.
At 7.35 pm the first patient reached at Mayo on Rescue 1122 ambulance while patients were also brought on the Mayo Hospital ambulances.
The city witnessed a fire brigade rushing to the spot, and heard sirens of ambulances running towards the Hospital emergencies.
“It was another tragedy, which will be engraved on the memories of the Lahorites for a long time. This has happened because of the mismanagement of one man, which has caused so many deaths,” said an attendant of a patient, adding that the government should impose complete ban on firecrackers, like it had done for kite-flying.
December 11, 2005

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