Sunday, December 18

Qazi on UNICEF's action against local schools

Ameer Jama’at-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed has deplored closure of schools being run by Pakistani organisations under the directives of UNICEF and certain NGOs working in quake-hit areas.
In a statement on Sunday, Qazi Hussain Ahmed said the government had given free hand to foreign NGOs and organisations to implement their agenda under the official patronage. He referred to reports received from quake-hit areas, which suggested the closure of schools being run by Pakistani organisations. “Youth organisation PASBAN has complained him in writing that they are pressurised to close schools set up at Hassa Bridge, Battgaram and Josecha. Lady Principal of locally set up UNICEF School is using the army personnel to implement her orders of closure,” the complained added.
Qazi said the pressure tactics were still in mobilisation when the army people removed the banners placed outside the school and lowered the National flag from the school. The management was asked to close the school permanently.
The JI leader said UNICEF was not allowing relief, educational and rehabilitation work to any other NGO and using the army to close schools set up by Pakistani NGOs. “They want to forcibly imbibe their ideology in the minds of our youth,” he added.
Qazi demanded the government to take stern action against such foreign bodies and direct them to observe their limits, while doing relief work in the quake-hit areas.
December 11, 2005

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