Sunday, December 18

Army responsible for debacle of Dhaka

The army was responsible for the debacle of Dacca, and did not any lesson from this tragedy, said speakers at a seminar on ‘Reasons of Dacca Fall’ held the Pakistan Muslim League (N) on Friday.
General Secretary PML-N Punjab Zaeem Qadri, MNA Pervaiz Malik, MPAs Dr. Asad Ashraf, Rana Tajummal Hussain, Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan, Mehr Ishtiaq and Mian Mujtaba-ur-Rehman were among the speakers.
They said General Musharraf did not abide by his promises he made with the public. “A dictator has no right to make decision on important national issues. All such decisions should be made by the parliament. Army generals instead of doing their professional jobs, have involved in real estate business,” they alleged.
"We are in favour of Kalabagh Dam. However, the KBD should be constructed after consensus,” they observed. They demanded exiled leadership should be allowed to come back so that they could change public opinion in favour of the KBD and other national issues.
Meanwhile MPA Ajasam Sharif criticised the PML-N Punjab leadership for bringing back turncoats into the party and giving them important slots. The party workers supported Ajasam and pressurised the provincial leadership not to take turncoats into the party folds.
They said despite protecting geographical and ideological boundaries of the country, the army was once again damaging these boundaries introducing the idea of enlightened moderation. “Since the dissolution of parliament in 1956, the army had been using the Muslim League to fulfil its designs. However, for the first time in October 1999, the PML challenged a military dictator. Like army, the judiciary too is responsible for the fall of Dacca, as it introduced doctrine of necessity in Maulvi Tameez-ud-Din case. Whenever an elected government had been toppled, some opportunists including politicians supported army for their vested interests,” they maintained.
December 16, 2005

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