Sunday, December 18

Govt's image was damaged a lot, Dr Tahir

The image of the government had been damaged a lot due to the alleged rape case incident at the Mayo Hospital and the health department would investigate the matter, said Punjab Health Minister Dr Tahir Ali Javed, while talking to journalists at a local hotel on Saturday.
Dr Tahir also said the government was pleased with the decision of the Apex Court, but certain things had to be done so that no untoward incidents might happen in future. "Investigations will be conducted into the misconduct of Dr Maqsood Hussain and those who mismanaged the matter," he added. While answering a question about those who got the girl written an application and later forced her to put her thumb impression, he said those 'hidden hands' would also be exposed.
Responding to a query about the suspected Haemorrhagic Fever, he told that separate places had been allocated where such suspected patients would be kept. "In all the teaching hospitals, special areas have been spotted where such patients will be kept, while all the precautionary measures will be taken there," he said, adding tests had been sent to the National Institute of Health (Islamabad). "Their results will be received on Monday," he told.
Earlier, addressing the inaugural session of the 16th Annual International Conference on Family Medicine, he said the learning must be shared among the doctors from various countries, especially from the same region. He demanded of the family physicians to play their role effectively. "We cannot materialise our health goals till these physicians do not shoulder their responsibilities because they are working at the grass root level," he added.
While answering an enquiry about the free of cost medicine, he talked about the complications attached to this concept. "However, we will like to help the family physicians in this regard," he added.
Dr Tahir appreciated the Pakistan Society of Family Physicians, and his parliamentary colleagues.
December 17, 2005


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