Sunday, December 18

An NRP calls foul against Dubai airport authorities

Governments of Denmark and Pakistan should investigate into the incident of maltreatment meted out to a handicapped Pakistani national residing in Copenhagen by the Dubai airport authorities.
Hussain Naqi of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan made this demand in the presence of the victim Agha Naveed at a press conference held at the Lahore Press Club here on Saturday.
Naqi maintained that the issue needs to be highlighted, as many dual national Pakistanis had received maltreatment abroad after the 9/11 because it was vital to raise voice against such injustices.
A Non-Resident Pakistani (NRP) Agha Naveed informed the newsmen that he was travelling to Lahore from Copenhagen via Abu Dabi on Gulf Airways. “On arrival at the Abu Dabi airport his passport and ticket was taken by the security force without any justification. Later, I was barred from travelling to Lahore on a connecting flight on a absurd pretext that the plane Captain has raised an objection that he was unfit to travel on the plane since he could not walk,” he added.
According to him, Naveed was taken to a medical officer, who had initially declared him fit to travel later change his stance and said he was unfit to travel. He was forcefully taken to a hospital where he was given lethal injections and drips, which has taken toll of his health. They had kept him in captive for three days without food, and only after taking a huge sum of money and valuables from him permitted him to travel to Lahore.
He demanded of the Governments of Denmark and Pakistan to provide him the justice, adding that he would knock all the doors to get the justice. He alleged that somebody was trying to settle a score with him, since he had been writing hard-hitting articles in the Pakistani national dailies.
December 17, 2005

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