Sunday, December 18

Pamphlet for Dr. Ranjha’s reinstatement

Pamphlets pleading reinstatement of the recently suspended Medical Superintendent Mayo Hospital Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Ranjha were posted on the walls the Hospital on the night December 15.
These pamphlets also registered protest over Dr. Ranjha’s temporary removal after the alleged rape incident, and pleaded his innocence. On Friday, the Supreme Court quashed the FIR registered with the Gawalmandi Police Station after the alleged rape victim made a statement that the accused Dr. Maqsood Hussain Leghari did not rape her.
The not-guilty-professing-pamphlets stated that Dr. Ranjha was punished for no fault, while he did tremendous job during his stint as the Medical Superintendent.
The handbill has been attributed to ‘All Employees, Mayo Hospital, Lahore’. “There is neither any union in the Hospital nor any such activity has ever been encouraged. So the question of Hospital employees being involved in this act seems to be out of place, because they are all public servants,” stated an official of the Hospital, on the condition of anonymity.
The pamphlet also alludes to the ‘anti-Ranjha’ lobby. “If he will not be reinstated, it would mean a win for the lobby working against Dr. Ranjha, who had done a tremendous job for the hospital,” it stated. Moreover, it is also written in the handbill that if the suspended MS were not re-appointed, on the coming Monday (December 19), the employees would wear black ribbons as protest.
“This seems to be lesser of a doctors’ job and more of a political stunt, which shows how the suspended MS could have been desperate to become the head of the Hospital again provided this has been done by him,” he added.
The Hospital administration acted ‘promptly’ and removed all the posters from the Hospital walls.
December 16, 2005

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