Sunday, December 18

OIC towed US agenda, Munawar Hasan

Secretary General Jama’at-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan said the agenda, which Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) discussed in its recent meeting was not of the Muslim Ummah, but of Washington.
He was delivering Friday sermon at Mansoorah mosque. He said the proposed changes in syllabi to counter terrorism, which the OIC deliberated, was US agenda that aimed at removing Quranic verses on Jihad and fundamentals of Islam from the syllabi of universities and colleges.
Munawar said at present all Muslim countries are ruled by extremists rulers, who are either military generals or Sheikhs. He said whenever they talk of curbing extremism they mean to crush spirit of jihad and martyrdom from among Muslim societies. He said the term war against terror was invented by Washington and other western powers to use as a garb for invading Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, and now they are eyeing Iran, Syria and Pakistan. He condemned the US for usurping the fundamental rights and freedoms of Muslim societies by dubbing their freedom movements as terrorism. He said atrocities are being committed against Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and Chechnya but on the other hand they are being condemned as terrorists.
Munawar said almost all the Muslim rulers in the OIC were extremists because those rulers who disregard every law, rule and constitution is an extremist. He said what could be more extremism than that displayed by Gen Musharraf by trampling the constitution of Pakistan and military laws and went back on his promise with the nation about doffing uniform. He said the biggest terrorist on earth is USA, while Gen Musharraf and other Muslim rulers are acting as its servants by supporting its so called war against terror and making policies according to Washington's dictation.
Munawar warned that as long as masses are not given liberties the ideas of tolerance and patience could never be materialized. Muslim rulers are occupying the wealth and resources of their people and using these against their own people. They formulate policies to dissociate Muslims from their religion. People are being fleeced while rulers are living luxurious lives. He said oil dropped down 17 dollars during the last two months but rulers did not decrease petrol prices in the country.
December 09, 2005

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