Sunday, December 18

Whither hidden hands behind rape allegation?

Statement of the alleged rape victim in the court of the magistrate has pointed out towards the ‘hidden hands’, who had made her to write and put her thumb impression on the application, which had led to the registration of an FIR (647/05) with the Gowalmandi Police on December 6.
The anti-climax of the much-hyped rape case took place on Tuesday in the court of a magistrate when the girl denied the levelling of rape charges against Dr. Maqsood Hussain Leghari, and maintained that it was under coercion that she wrote the application.
“On December 6 at 9 pm, a few persons – a few mediamen and people from various organisations –made me to write an application containing a bull and cock story, which they kept with them. Later on, a policeman came to the hospital and asked me about the happening of the rape, which I denied explicitly. On this, the said policeman, on the demand of others present on the occasion, asked me to put my thumb impression. Consequently, a baseless FIR was registered against Dr. Maqsood, which has caused an irreparable damage to my reputation,” she stated.
Her statement clearly showed that ‘some hidden hands’ had worked behind the launching of the FIR. According to a reliable source privy to the developments at the Earthquake Special Ward of the Mayo Hospital on that eventful day, when the news transcended the precincts of the Hospital, people from the Non-Governmental Organisations working for women rights, a few newspaper employees and the suspended Medical Superintendent Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Ranjha reached the Ward. “They were all demanding to bring the ‘culprit’ to justice. On their insistence, the SHO Gowalmandi was called by Dr. Ranjha, who was given the application, which was endorsed by the girl,” he added.
It was also on this occasion, that the girl was asked to sign a paper carrying statement that she was wanted to be discharged from the hospital. “This is absolutely wrong. It was not the victim who wanted to leave the hospital, rather the Hospital administration did not want to keep her any more. On December 5, it was mentioned in her Admission and Treatment Chart that she was awaiting operation, but the very next day she was discharged,” the source said.
“Now the question is: Who is behind the incident? These hidden hands have nullified the positive impression created by the Punjab government because of its relief efforts,” he stated.
In her statement, the alleged victim has given a clean slate to Dr. Maqsood by saying that she had gone to Dr. Maqsood’s office. “I went to his office at 10:30 pm on the night between December 3 and December 4 with my X-ray, who was not present there. He came afterwards and saw my X-ray. After this, I came to my bed,” she is reported to have said in her statement. “Moreover, Dr. Maqsood is totally innocent as he has not committed any violation,” she added. She has also appreciated the hospital staff for carrying out their responsibilities assiduously.
SSP investigation Chaudhary Shafqat was present in a room adjacent to the magistrate’s. In order to avoid the mediamen present on the occasion, she was sneaked out of the court premises not in the same car on which she had come to the court.
According to a source privy to the episode, Dr. Ranjha remained in constant touch with the proceedings.
An interesting incident took place at the courtroom when a peon brought out a tape-recorder from the courtroom. The gadget was attached to the table of the magistrate, who had discovered it during the proceedings.

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