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A crime every week in Mayo hospital

The recent alleged rape case is not the only crime committed in the Mayo Hospital – every week on average an FIR is registered with the Gowalmandi police.
And the Mayo hospital crime graph continues to rise.
The list of crimes being committed at the premises of the Mayo Hospital vary from murder and rape to the possession of the illegal arms and drugs, besides thefts. Interestingly, not all the cases have been registered with the concerned police station, as some of them were allegedly hushed up by the hospital administration. During the last summer, burglary took place at the official residence of the Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Abbas Ali Sahota, which was not reported to the police.
In year 2005 to date, 56 FIRs have been registered so far, which is higher than all the previous years, while 74 cases were registered – 130 in total – since April 7, 2003 when the recently suspended Medical superintendent Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Ranjha assumed the office.
According to the data available, in 2005 till December, 15 FIRs were registered for theft while 31 cases of the same nature were registered during 2003-04. “All the cases of theft are not registered with us (the police station) as some of these are of really minor nature, and we are approached mostly for burglary cases in the residential quarters,” a police official said, seeking anonymity.
On the other hand, a Mayo Hospital official, on the condition of not disclosing his identity, stated that the hospital machinery was being stolen from the hospital, but “those are rarely reported, as it causes ripples in the hospital administration, and the higher officials of the health department take serious notice of these,” he added.
In 2005, 22 cases were registered with the Gowalmandi police station for possessing alcohol, hashish and other contraband drugs – the latter being the highest during this year, and are on the rise in comparison to the previous years. From April 2003 till December 31, 2004, 24 cases of the same nature were registered.
Illegal weapons have been a constant feature of the criminal cases registered so far with the Gowalmandi police. From April 2003 till November 2005, 34 FIRs – 17 from April 2003 till December 2004 and the same number in year 2005 –were registered for possessing illegal weapons, which were mostly firearms. In the running year, illegal weapon cases have exceeded the previous total. Most of the recoveries were made from either from the attendants, or guests of the patients.
Two murder cases were also reported to the police during the last three years. A rape case was registered on December 6 against Dr. Maqsood Hussain Leghari for allegedly raping a 15-year-old earthquake-survivor. While in 2005, a murder case was registered on June 22, which took place near the emergency.
As far as the sexual harassment cases are concerned, most of them are never reported for various reasons – the most glaring being ‘no hope of justice and character stigmatisation’.
A senior professor, who is a well-known for his fad for females, sexually harassed a young mother of a child, who was cancer patient during the early summer this year. Her husband retaliated and smashed the windowpanes of the professor’s office, and complained in written to the suspended MS Dr. Ranjha, who hushed up the matter, it is said.
December 9, 2005

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