Sunday, June 12

15 pc raise in salaries for govt employees

The Punjab government on Friday increased salaries of its employees by 15 per cent, while the pensioners have been given a raise from 15 to 20 per cent, which will be applicable from July 1 this year.
Also the conveyance allowance has been extended across the Punjab. Moreover, 25 per cent increase in the allowance of officials from Grade-1 to 15 has been announced.
This was announced in the budget speech. It has been maintained that the officialdom is an important pillar of the government machinery, and the employees have been hit-hard because of the price-hike and inflation. Keeping in view their financial problems because of limited means, 15 per cent has been raise given to all Punjab government employees.
In the same vein, those pensioners who retired either on June 30, 2002, or after, has been given a raise of 20 per cent. Also, those who retired on July 1, 2002 or after this date, their pension has been raised by 15 per cent.
Moreover, the conveyance allowance, which was limited to nine districts, or was allowed to the Education Department and the Subordinate Judiciary in the form of mobility allowance, has been extended across the province as per the present percentage. However, the Education Department and the Lower Judiciary have been given the choice of adopting one, either conveyance or mobility.
Last year, in its third consecutive fiscal outlay 2010-11, following into the footsteps of the Federal government, 50 per cent ad hoc monthly allowance was announced for Punjab employees, while 20 per cent increase in pension and medical allowances for the retired was announced.
During the fiscal year 2010-11, the increase in the pay, pension and medical allowance cost the public exchequer to tune of Rs54 billion.
In the budget of 2009-10, the provincial government had increased salaries by 20 per cent for officials from BS-1 to BS-16, and in the pensions of those, who retired prior to 1998.

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