Sunday, June 12

Punjab to bear Rs1.4 billion over devolved ministries

Financial implication of all three phases, encompassing devolving of subjects from the Centre, have been estimated to the tune of Rs 1,427.10 million, which is so if the allocations of Rs 222.4m for the statistical division are excluded.
However, the cumulative amount for the whole exercise will cost the provincial dispensation an amount of Rs 7,822.2m. To ensure the continuity and sustenance of the organisations devolved under 18th Amendment and to avoid any disruption in the service delivery, Rs 384 m has been sanctioned for the 46 offices devolved in the first and second phases in FY 2010-11.
During the first two phases of devolution starting in December 2010, ten out of the forty eight Ministries / Divisions at the Federal level have been devolved. Phase-III is currently underway and it is expected that the process will be completed by the end of June 2011. In the first and second phase, five Ministries/Divisions each were devolved, while the remaining eight Divisions with the exception of statistical Division are likely to be devolved in the third phase.
To begin with, mapping of functions devolved to provincial governments and their allocation to different Provincial Government Departments was completed.
For the devolved ministries in the first phases,
The budget document indicating financial implication mention that a total of Rs 815.9m have earmarked two departments, that is, Population Welfare Department Rs 15.9m and Youth Affairs 800m.
For the second phase devolved ministries, Rs 6,646m have estimated for five heads, which include Culture Rs 68.7m, Education Rs 6435.9, Higher Education Commission Rs 6395.1m, Livestock and Dairy Development Rs 9.1m, Social Welfare & Special Education Rs 124.1m and Tourism Rs 8.2m.
Rs 360.3m have been assessed for five more entities, which include Food and Agriculture Rs 42m, Health Rs 62.3m, Labour and Manpower Rs 33.3m, Minorities Affairs Rs 1.3m and Statistics Division Rs 222.4m.

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