Tuesday, August 9

Govt yet to pay salaries to work-charged employees

The work-charged employees are running from one office to another for getting their salaries of three months, but the Punjab government has so far not considered the issue despite the fact that they are still working and carrying out their responsibilities.
Secondly, sword of sending them home at any day is hanging over their heads constantly without getting their dues paid. They also believe that their replacements would be immediately made once they would be stopped from attending their offices, and they alleged that it has already been done upon the recommendations of the political leaders. As long as their confirmation is not actualised, they would be sitting on the edge all the time. Because of this also, there is no increase in their pays, which has been announced by the provincial government over a period of time though these work-charged employees have rendered their services with the administration for seven to 22 years. Moreover, these employees had been denied facilities like marriage and death grant, house rent, conveyance and education allowance because of the delay in regularisation of their services.
These employees have been denied extension in their services as well, which has virtually rendered their services ‘beyond the legal purview as well’. Now the situation is that whenever they are to be sent packing, the attendance register could be displaced or the immediate boss can very easily assert that they are not attending their duties for quite some time, deleting and adding people as per his sweet will.
As per sources, the National Industrial Relations Commission had already ordered for the confirmation of the work-charged employees, but it has not been done so far. Also the Punjab government is yet to implement the decision of the Lahore High Court, which had directed the City District Government Lahore administration – not others were addressed in the judgement – to regularise services of all the work-charged employees. In addition to this, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is said to have also instructed the CDGL to do the same. However, in blatant violation of the decision, and CM’s directions, the administration had been withholding cases of 485 employees who had been performing duties for almost two decades.
Earlier, these employees of various districts have resorted to protests and demonstrations demanding regularisation of their services, while the high-ups are yet to implement various orders, which is causing huge concerns to around 5000 to 6000 employees and their families.
These employees cannot launch protests now since they believe that once it would be done, the authorities would have a ‘tangible pretext to dismiss’ them from the service, and if anyone has the money to move any competent court against the order, then the question will be: who will implement the decision?

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