Wednesday, August 10

Imran Khan has no contact with PML-N

PTI’s endorsement to the PML-N’s idea of dividing provinces on administrative grounds has come as a big surprise to the political pundits since Insaf’s Chairman Imran Khan has been bitterly criticising the N-League and the PPP in unequivocal terms since he considers them equal partners in the destruction of Pakistan.
However, party sources have confided that there is no ice-breaking between the parties’ leaders, and neither any contact, either formal or informal, had been made so far. On the other hand, it is being believed that the idea of new provinces could bring the two estranged parties closer to each other since they virtually parted way when the PML-N opted for contesting the last general elections of February 18, 2008. Analysts believe that under the given present circumstances, any reconciliation between the two parties is a far-fetched idea due to multiple reasons.
Imran Khan, while talking to TheNation on Tuesday, denied having any understanding with the N-League. He further said the PTI was not in contact with the PML-N, and no formal consultations had been done. “Endorsing the idea of new provinces on administrative basis is not due to even any tacit understanding,” he added, while asserting so far it was Insaf’s initial reaction to the proposal.
The cricket-legend mentioned that his party’s stance would be clearly stated after its Central Executive Committee meeting, which would be held soon.
Imran Khan was bitter at the restoration of the Local Government System of 2001 in Sindh. He was of the considered opinion that all the leading political parties were part of dividing the province. “It is criminal and against the integrity of the country.
The PTI leadership had already demanded imposition of the Governor’s rule in Sindh. They believe that a non-partisan governor could restore peace in Karachi. Also they are of the opinion that death and destruction in Karachi is because of the political mafias struggling to control the bhatta trade. Three leading political parties, that is, the PPP, MQM and the ANP, had been accused of failing in providing good governance, mainly due to the politicisation of the law enforcement agencies.
About the success of his Party’s sit-ins, he said these were against the hegemonistic policies, drone attacks, corrupt rulers and bad governance. “All have seen response of the people, and from this, they can also gauge the masses’ approval of our agenda against the policies of the government,” he asserted, adding that this week the PTI would stage a huge sit-in the provincial capital of Punjab. “This will amply depict the popularity of the PTI and its policies since people will show their strength in huge numbers,” he hoped.

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