Monday, August 15

Nawaz Sharif for bold steps against terrorism

President Pakistan Muslim League-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said we have to make collective efforts for restoring the lost image of the country throughout the world, and we will have to take bold stance for eliminating terrorism by leaving apathy so that the true image of Pakistan could be revived.
Nawaz Sharif pledged that we would play our role for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan sincerely and would not hesitate for rendering any sacrifice. He said Pakistan was the best gift of the Quaid-e-Azam and we had to come forward for changing its destination. “The present government has spared no effort for maligning the image of the country and the outsiders “aghyar” took full benefit of it and imposed wrong policies on Pakistan. Time has come that the dignity of the country could be enhanced. It is only possible if we respect the judiciary, abide by the law, through national unity and the outsiders should not be allowed to become the part our foreign policy,” he said, adding that the country was very beautiful and we had to eliminate the blot of terrorism through the beautiful colours of photographs.

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