Tuesday, August 16

Pakistan can progress despite all hurdles

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said only those nations survive in the world which face all challenges and problems courageously and accept their faults and mistakes and meet success through indiscriminate accountability.
“History is replete with such examples when the ruined nations adopted honesty and hard work and changed their failures and despairs into successes and achieved the goal of national progress and prosperity. In order to put the country on the road to development and prosperity and regain its lost status, there is a need to follow Quran and Uswa-e-Hasna (SAW) and show commitment and dedication. He said that all the four provinces will have to move ahead with a national thinking and steer the country out of the quagmire of problems. It is the time to promote national solidarity, remove economic disparities, check plunder of national resources and eliminate corruption,” he said, while addressing flag-hoisting ceremony in connection with Independence Day at the Hazoori Bagh here on Sunday. Senior Advisor Sirdar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa, Provincial Ministers, Members National and Provincial Assemblies, diplomats, government officers and a large number of people of various walks of life were present on the occasion.
Felicitating the people on the 64th Independence Day of the country, the CM said it was the day to salute the founders of Pakistan and martyrs of Pakistan Movement on their heroic struggle and supreme sacrifices, and it was the day to pay tributes to those mothers and sisters as well as lakhs of Muslims, who were forced to leave their hearths and homes and migrate with the hopes of a better tomorrow. “The forefathers of the nation rendered sacrifices for such a homeland where there will be justice, equal rights and opportunities of progress and the new country will be a land of love, brotherhood and sacrifice. But, unfortunately despite a lapse of 63 years, Pakistan has not become such a country as had been envisioned by its founders. Though Pakistan met some successes during the last 64 years the biggest of which is its becoming a nuclear power due to the efforts of its scientists and determination of various governments but the list of its failures is very long,” he said, adding that no doubt Pakistan was facing such serious issues as energy crisis, price-hike, lawlessness, terrorism and corruption but history was witness to the fact that some nations faced even worst situation but achieved the pinnacle of progress though honesty and hard work. “The Pakistani nation by adopting Uswa-e-Hasna (SAW) can also achieve the goal of progress and development and materialise the dreams of the founders of the country. Begging bowl and nuclear capability cannot go together and in order to achieve respect and move forward it is necessary to get rid of the begging bowl,” he maintained.
Earlier, the CM visited the Mazar of the Poet of the East Allama Muhammad Iqbal and laid a floral wreath. He also offered Fateha at the Mazar as well as recorded his impressions in the visitors’ book.
A smartly turned-out contingent of scouts presented salute to the CM who also hoisted the national flag at the Hazoori Bagh. Children presented national songs which were highly appreciated by the participants of the ceremony. The CM went to the children who presented national songs, encouraged them and also got photographed with them.

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