Thursday, August 14

Killing and Container Policy failure!

Marchers have moved on without police resistance. It says a lot to the rulers – provided they like to listen – that when large number of people, even with specific mindset and agenda start a journey, it becomes masses’ voice. What has happened so far, and to the extent the political crisis has deepened, both Sharifs must take the onus, and even now try to resolve the issue. They let the situation reach this point, which can culminate into their exit. One cannot exonerate Shahbaz Sharif even. Who is responsible for creating Container Towns in the Punjab, and broad-day murders of innocent people. Forget their affiliations, but they were humans! Development projects, like Metros, bridges and roads matter little in the progress and prosperity of any nation. Real task is to educate the nation, and provide health facilities to the commoners; but both these sectors are worst hit in the Sharifs tenures. Nothing except embroidered slogans! Disappointing these 'self-professed' pious are! Why these short-term big cost projects? These deliver money at your doorstep in the shortest possible time, as observed by people. Nevertheless, this government should complete its term since it will bring an end to this 'dictator-product rulers'. 25 years in governance, and they have yet to learn how to face opposition and stay away from political landmines; instead they ensure that they tread them. Today, they are facing the consequences of this.

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