Friday, September 12

Respect begets love …. An end to differences

Differences among human beings are primarily because of lack of respect since we have started believing more in professing love instead of practising respect. We rarely honour others in pure intention, and if there is any, it is carries with it an ulterior motive, which is usually materialistic. That is why one sees this ‘fake honour’ withering or eliminating totally after certain time because by then, either the objective has been achieved or has been defeated. Also, this ‘social love’ has become a routine among close members of any family unit. People can be seen adoring their family members, and pronouncing it publicly as well, but we rarely find people showing respect to each other. This results in differences as a routine, but because of love, these are mended after some time, depending upon the intensity of the conflict. If they would respect each other, certainly differences could be minimised, if not eliminated. The element of respect is rarely found among siblings and life-partners; that is why they are quarreling among themselves, while couples parting ways, even if they had spent decades together, while breathing in the same pace. The parents must teach their children to respect each other as well, besides being an example themselves. The same is true among friends as well. In our culture, it is believed that any friendship is not fast if level of frankness is not touching brims of hurling abuses and calling friends with ugly names. Respecting each other can add years to the friendship, and love too. Succinctly, in all relations respect should be given priority as the first step, while love would be a natural outcome.

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