Saturday, September 13

Social and financial disparities to stay ….

Social and financial disparities are to stay in any society, and if it is checked, its first casualty would be struggle, and when the latter happens, every society would get stagnant and its individuals would lose the urge to be successful in comparison to others. Perhaps this was one of the basic reasons that communism breathed its last because of its own ideology though external factors did play an important role too. People who profess to bring equality in the society would completely fail since it would be against the law of nature though everyday one finds a lot of people, especially the politicians, sermonising people about bringing equality among the masses. However, societies prosper where everyone is treated equally whenever the question of law arises. Criminals, whether rich or poor, influential or statusless, should be meted out the same punishment in the courts and treatment in prisons. Whenever, disparity occurs in the judicial dispensation, societies become pervert, and the result is of people joining groups, which ultimately become mafias of all hues – business, land, religious and finally political. The same can be observed in Pakistan where one find grouping of all colours, and somehow they are respected in the society. Even national political parties are actually groups-from-groups, and consequently, our society, especially national politics, has become umbrellas shielding criminals, who join these parties to gather more mass. Also in the same manner, business tycoons have formed their groups, who are further supported by people having comparatively small business holdings, and this trickledown effect goes to the small shopkeepers in the streets of the residential areas. These groups are then further seen spiraling their support to the upper ladders, which are of political nature. Now these mafias have become so strong that no government either dares to control them or put a check on them since they are either part of the ruling coterie or are hugely funding these political parties. Now the ruling parties opt for specific policies which would benefit their coterie sitting in their ranks. Even Special Regulatory Orders are issued from time-to-time for a stipulated period so that the ‘targeted’ beneficiaries could become richer. Hence this has become a vicious circle, which grills anyone who comes to put either halt it or put a check on it. Nevertheless, any person sitting at the top position with little interests can tackle them provided he has a team willing to make amends.

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