Monday, September 15

Self-proclaimed leaders … laboratories of character flaws!

Do we have leaders in its true sense? Can anyone name even a single person from the present lot, who stand even a chance to be considered as a leader. It carries a big question mark. Is there anyone who can be given clean chit? No one at all! If one is accused of massive corruption (Asif Ali Zardari), then his closest rival Nawaz Sharif has so many allegations in his kitty – from a dictator’s stooge to incapability (not strange for any such men of Khaki), from corruption to family-democracy, from … to … anything and everything. He is closely followed by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, who can certainly be incorruptible financially in his personal capacity, but morally he can be little less shallow than the rest. What message would it be for ordinary people of Pakistan …… Your PM has fathered an illicit child. Who is not familiar with Maulana Diesel fame Jehad-seller? He is one of the greatest champions of democracy these days. Next to him is gentleman from Balochistan Mahmood Khan Achakzai, who turned his province into the land of the ignorant by not letting education reaching doors of the ordinary, but he preaches for ‘democratic nobility’ (read dictatorial ignominy) in the federal capital. We also have Asfandyar Wali, whose party ANP ruled the KPK during the last democratic spell, but his stay in the European countries was longer than in his own country. I think people have not forgotten his ‘pro-Pakistan service’ taking big money from India for working against the Kalabagh Dam. By the way, his mother has formed her own party. People still remember Jama’at-e-Islami’s history of stabbing in the back of democratic dispensations, and the worst (read bloody) role of its youth wing Islami Jamiat Talba. The military men and their children are already in the field and making their mark. The second tier leadership is also following into the footsteps of their top leaders. The Khawajas, the Mians, the Chaudharys, the Qureshis, the Makhdooms ……… the land of the pure (read poor) is being run by a few families. Now they all are preparing a next generation of leaders from their families. Bilawal Zardari, Hamza Shahbaz, Maryam Nawaz, Ch Moonis Elahi, Suleman Shahbaz, Asif Bhutto ……….. the line is pretty long, and quite a few of them have already surpassed their elders in the feats of corruption and moral turpitude. Luckily perhaps, females are so far lagging far behind to their male counterparts or I would rather not comment on them. To cap it all, they all have a background which is tainted by moral turpitude. Who has not been a womaniser? Someone has illicit children (Imran Khan); someone (Nawaz Sharif) is still offering his services to be find good boyfriends for a foreign correspondent (Jim Baraker); someone is known as a house-beaker (Shahbaz Sharif), and now the usual advice to new entrants in bureaucracy and politics is advised against taking their wives and daughters to their family functions. Now the situation has reached to such an extent that pointing it out as a negative trait of character is advised to be ignored as if it is a routine matter. Leaders do such things … is the usual rhetoric. This is only a brief of what our leaders are like. Much more is there! Where would true leaders be in Pakistan? I usually think …..

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