Monday, September 15

Fakeness is the call of the day … a disease becoming epidemic!

Earlier it used to be a prerogative of female actors but now one can find even ordinary people feigning ‘fakeness’ in their routine life though posing to be hugely real. It has made them look more dubious, and their listeners become restless, while waiting for the moment when they would either stop talking or kind enough to leave. Their facial expressions are not in correspondence to their minds and hearts; resultantly their talk has no effect on the listeners. Moreover, with narrowed eyes, lined foreheads and unusually frequent movement of hands make them target of public ridicule. Do they realise this? Perhaps not since their effort is to look different and pose themselves as big shots. In the same vein they also talk of subjects distant to the knowledge of their listeners. Lo and behold! Let anybody utter even a single word of the subject, and they would immediately pounce upon the opportunity of showing themselves men of great knowledge. Also, these people have another habit of bringing others to their pitch by alluding to their favourite subject. And if the listener takes the bait, then he would have it from them since they would not let the listener speak for a moment. Now the ‘target’ has only one way of ‘getting rid’ of the knowledge man, and that is, either he has to leave or somebody arrives to change the subject. After some time, one will find the newly-arrived gentleman in hot waters since their formula approach would be enticed him to their pitches. The third types of fakes are best at name dropping. Earlier, their usual claim used to be about showing the listener that they were well-connected, and frequent big houses without any hindrance. Now they have reached another level of eulogising those big names, and if anyone dares to contend their assertions or contradict the speakers, it can set the perfect stage for conflict. Remember! Such people do not value others, and in their heart of hearts, believe that others are good-for-nothing fellows. They love to find faults even in those people who are respected in the society, or otherwise they are at least higher achievers, more than the ordinary. This psyche has become a disease now, which could become an epidemic one day, especially in a society like ours. Life would be certainly far easier if we try to be what we are, and keep ourselves within our limits, while depicting ourselves to be the same!

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