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Preachers’ paranoid

A bus station is where a bus stops. A railway station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station...What more I can say...

By Aame Waqas Ghaus Chaudhary

A human mind is a factory of ideas. They say: ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.’ So I had to sit idle for quite a while before I could deduce some meanings from A man who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client. To me, at one hand, it seems to be a mental effort of a Great lawyer of older times. And a shrewd advocate making his case for those clients who try to plead their own cases. It is a good marketing idiom for them. What a way to enhance one’s clientele! That is why Akbar Allaa Abadi was compelled to make his for-all-times-to-come judgement:
Lawyer’s birth causeth the Satan to reverberate
Lo! I got blessed with the parenthood
This humble effort to translate the great poet of his time is meant for the consumption of my foreign friends though the beauty of the Urdu language cannot be portrayed in English.
A person went to an advocate to plead his son’s case indicted in a murder case. The lawyer asked for 2,000 rupees. The client wondered at it and became wiser enough to opt a ‘seemingly better to him, highly paid, but inefficient attorney. He paid him 50,000 rupees. Result: His son was sentenced for life. He came back to the first ‘Law attendant’. “You visionless fellow! I was ready to do the same job for you in 2,000 rupees. The rest would have supplemented your business.” said the advocate. Nice way to plead self-imposed innocence and bringing home one’s point.
My first assumption of the subject is that our lawyer community has to do a lot with this statement.
Once my grandfather said: ‘Son! When your enemy is slipping into a ditch; save him. But when he is on the verge of falling headlong in a well; push him.” My mind could make nothing at that time, but life made me understand it. The same is applicable to this proverb, which teaches us varied lessons. But simultaneously boggling our minds how to evade the consequences of our self-professed policies when we never hesitate to indulge in this ignominious habit of either praising ourselves, trying to befool or impress upon others to act according to our suggestions.
Look! Our society is a perfect picture of A man who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client. We can find free-for-all and available-to-all sort of people in every walk of life. From the armed forces personnel to the fruit vendor, you can find experts of politics, complex military strategies, international relations and affairs. They given their suggestions and render criticism like any well-informed and highly qualified expert, who is consulted by the government functionaries to formulate relevant policies. What to say when a retired NCO from one of the armed forces becomes a great strategist and weapon expert to a community in the backyard of a metropolis. On the other hand, a vendor–who cannot differentiate between the science and arts subjects–emerges as a great analyst of political affairs, both domestic and international.
Once an acquaintance fractured his leg in a road accident. The whole mohalla, family and friends turned up to give different advices with A man who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client. hidden threats–‘Accpet my advice or we are no more relatives. Their faces making explicit declarations–if you will not act upon my advice, I will not pray for your betterment rather I will bow to Allah to prove my point and adverse results of the actualised example.’ Resultantly, the man was in between the devil and the deep sea situation–wished the best for him, but had no choice. End: That injured fellow has a limp, and tells others: ‘Please consult a good doctor.’ Now he is himself the picture of our subject: Our society is primarily composed of such elements. Please see around before you see yourself in the mirror.

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