Sunday, December 18

Family has not slept for three days

Those who declare my marriage as ill-omened are illiterate, and their talk hurt me without considering the pain we are going through, said bridegroom Zahir Khan on Tuesday, whose wedding turned into a nightmare following the bus-burning incident.
Zahir told that despite the passage of 72 hours, his family members have not been able to sleep because they cannot forget the scene when the bus was on fire, and they were helplessly watching their dear ones burning inside the ill-fated bus.
He said his father Wazir Khan was against taking the firecrackers with the Baraat. “But when we reached home, and were dismounting from our car, I was told about the accident, and I rushed to the spot. It happened in moments, and a home of celebrations turned into a mourning house,” he added. Zahir was bitter about the fact that the people were talking non-sense about the unfortunate incident in his face.
Zahir told that about 100 persons participated in the wedding, and quite a few of them went with the Baraat on their own vehicles. “I have lost over two dozen of my own relatives while quite a few are still in the hospital in critical condition,” told the inconsolable Zahir Khan. December 13, 2005

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